Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Mittlet

Fingerless mittlets knit up quickly.  In chunky yarn this one took just the better part of the 6 o'clock  news..
 I didn't have any chunky yarn so I doubled up on some Country Style DK weight.   (Did you know that yarn doubled gives you approximately two thirds the original gauge?)    My 22 stitch DK yarn, when  doubled, gave me 14 stitches.  You are welcome.

You can see that I took Deb's challenge and added a pattern to  the back of the hand.  It is  - for those that want to copy - P2, K4, P2 -  for 8 rounds.  On round 2 of the 8 rounds, switch the K4 to CB2. That is slip 2 stitches to a cable needle and hold at back of work.  Knit the next 2 stitches, then knit the 2 stitches held on the cable needle.  

I love the mittlet.  I love the different gusset construction.  Look at that decidedly, angled row of increases.  Very stylish, I say.  And I love the fact that creating  the thumb hole leaves no extra holes.  Common to mitts, is the gap produced at the sides of the thumb hole.  Not here.  Look.

And if you decide to give Deb's pattern a try, know that when she says to knit 1 1/2 inches beyond the thumb, she is right.  Of course I didn't believe that  1 1/2  inches could possibly  be long enough so I kept going.  In the end I had mittlets that were way too long.  I ripped back.  Twice.  Satisfied at last with the length of my mittlet, I put it on and came to the laptop to type.  Oops!  Still too long.  That is if I want to used my pinkie for anything. Another rip in order.  Trust Deb.

Nice pattern Deb.  Thanks for the freebie.

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RainDancinBear said...

your mitts look great :-) working on mine today.