Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meticulous Filing My Foot!

Ha!  The joke is on me.  I pride myself on what I call, my meticulous  system of pattern filing.  Or, at least, until yesterday, I did.

But Monday evening, I couldn't find the  pattern  I wanted to use for the scarf I intended to knit for  the woman in son #2's life.   That gift exchange takes place December 22nd.   10 days from now, in case you haven't checked the calendar.

Yesterday morning then, it was with a sense of panic that I started the search for the One Row Reversible Scarves pattern.  Instinct - sharp cookie, me,  said that the most likely spot for the pattern to be hiding was the yarn room so that is where I started my search.

Storing yarn with it's intended pattern, together in a bag, is a great system.  I do that.  As proof, here is my bag of Galway Chocolate intended for my Must Have Cardi.   
Digression -in my case the pattern is  more accurately called the Maybe Want This Cardi   as I have had the pattern since publication and the yarn for at least 2 years.   

Shock.  Shock.  When I checked the back side of the bag, I saw a filing error. 

"Might as well correct that mistake right now", I thought as I removed the papers from the bag.  Ooh!  Look what poked  out from between the Skull Cap papers.

 The sure-tell corner of a London Yarns  pattern.  "YIPPEE!!!  I found it!"  But no.  It was my other favourite scarf pattern.  Dang. 

I kept searching.  The bookcase,  The files of leaflet patterns.  The books.  The bags of yarn- again.  Take a break, I thought.  ReconnoitreBut, while breaking, might as well correctly file those misplaced patterns.  Luckily,  when  I picked up the Other favourite scarf pattern, I turned it over.

AHA! Favourite Scarf  Pattern.  Found.  Two scarf patterns in one container.  Nicely filed, Brenda.  In the bag of chocolate Galway intended for a  cardi.  Poorly filed, Brenda. But at least found.  Scarf was cast on before mid-day.

There has only been one rip so far.  The scarf must be 12 inches wide.  I estimated the number of 'multiple of 4' stitches for cast-on to arrive at the desired width but I miscalculated.  By about 2 inches.  "Too  much of a discrepancy," said Fred.

Rip, repeat and now, including time out for 2 Christmas get-togethers I have 5 inches.
 I need 84.  79 inches to go.  9 days to knit.  One day to block.  Lots of  inches per day.  Gotta go.


Sandra said...

Go Brenda... Go Brenda... Go Brenda...
and your filing system looks like mine. Unfortunately it carries over to work sometimes - I found one set of files in another folder - not good...

Linda said...

LOVE this blog piece, as it reminds me of our all-too-human fallibility.
Thanks for daring to reveal all!

Needles said...

I would never file things together like that. No. Never. Why, it might me me efficient. I might, shudder, remember stuff.

Jan said...

Yikes! What a deadline! Good luck