Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Knitting

Stop the needles!  Put personal knitting on hold.  The big day is fast approaching.  And there has been a request for handknitted gifts.

Son #2,  after a l-o-n-g hiatus, has a  woman in his life.  And this will be our first Christmas with her.  I asked Peter if she liked hand knits and the answer came back "Yes!"  With a codicil.  Peter reminded me that she comes from Spain, has a haute sense of fashion and does not like anything that might be construed as hippie, peasant-like or crudely crafted.  O.K. then.

The request was for a hat and  scarf.  A  French, beret-style hat in black.  No little 'tag' on top and in slouchy fashion rather than  with a  precisely-pressed  fold.  O.K. then.    The hat - I think  - is finished.  Knit with Paton's Classic, chosen because, before I learned of the slouchy factor, I had thought to felt it.  Following Elizabeth Zimmermann's guidelines but knit top down, I first gave it 4 inches of slouch.  But when I tried it on, it drowned me.  The woman-in-his-life is quite petite  -she would be dead in the water.    So I ripped back for a 3 inch slouch and think it is much better. 

No chance that I will convert to this colour, Nicki.  Black suits 'Teddy' much more  than it suits me.

Now on to the scarf.  Purple is the colour specified along with the dimensions of  one foot by seven feet.  Yikes!

I have a wonderful booklet of One Row Scarf Patterns.  Purchased at London Yarns, it contains 14!!! different, one-row patterns.  With only one row  to memorize, the patterns  are perfect for  fast-approaching-deadline  knits.  Last night my goal was to study the 14  selections and choose one  to knit.  But dang, despite my - I thought -  meticulous filing system,  I cannot find the pattern.  I looked as hard as the late-night hour would allow and could not find it anywhere.  This morning I intend to scour the house.  I will give it until noon.  If not found by then, Plan B - whatever that might be - will have to be put into action.  Wish me luck.

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If it fails, google scrunchable scarf.