Monday, December 3, 2012

All I want For Christmas . . .

No front teeth wanted here.  Last weekend was my family Christmas get-together.  For several  years now, we have down played the gift-giving aspect of the get-together and instead have an entertaining,  gift  - for want of a better word - fight.

Each person brings a $10 -$15 gift, suitable for themselves.  That is, as an adult female, I am to bring a gift suitable for an adult female.  That way, there are gifts suitable for each person in the room.  The gifts arrive wrapped and are placed on the coffee table.  Guests names are drawn, one by one.  When a name is called, the person can either pick a wrapped - and therefore unknown entity -  gift from the coffee table or 'steal' an already-opened gift from someone whose name was called earlier.

  If  a person has their gift stolen, they are now, of course,  gift-less.  They then  can steal someone else's  gift or choose another unknown one from the coffee table.  The only rule is that one cannot immediately steal back the same gift. 

Each year there are a few, very popular, and oft-stolen gifts.  I aim for that category when I select my purchase.

My gift this year, following the very successfully fought-for purple scarf of Christmas 2011, was  the Red Infinity Scarf and Hat.  As hoped, it was passed back and forth quite a few times.

Dad's friend Dorothy went for it every time her lap emptied.  But in the end, it went to one of my sisters.

At that point, Dorothy came and sat on my lap and in a mocking, whiny kid's voice said    "Santa..."

 How could  a knitter resist an appeal like that?  So another Infinity Scarf and Hat are in the works.
Not quite finished over the weekend, but certainly it will be  finished in time to tuck into Miss Dorothy's stocking before Christmas.


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Anonymous said...

:) very cute story - Dorothy sounds a hoot and deserves a hat/scarf set for her persistence alone!

cheers, Brenda!