Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

With only nine knitters  today, what we lacked in numbers we made up for in  wonderful, finished pieces.

Nell who hasn't been out for quite some time due to poor health, was back both last week and today.  She has assembled a gorgeous crocheted blanket.  32 squares of bright, lively colours. 
Sharon and Gail examine it closely to see how Nell stitched it together.  Then they gave it one last display.

And Sandy B has started another mitred-square baby blanket.  I suggested to Sandy that it is  amazingly quilt-like.  She replied "Yes.  I Know."  Apparently she studied a friend's quilting book before casting on.  The yellow square you see in the centre will be  the middle of the blanket.

Bonnie arrived today  with a gorgeous, green cardigan. Destined for her booth at the Meaford Craft Show, it is a close cousin to Central Park Hoodie.

If you think that arm on the right holding Bonnie's sweater  might be mine wearing my Featherweight Cardigan you are close - but wrong knitter.  That's Sharon.  She and I both chose to wear our Featherweights today.  

 Dang, those are good looking sweaters! 

See Sharon's  B - I - G smile?  That's the smile of a newly retired woman.  A woman with more time to knit! Woo Hoo!

Another great Thursday.  What fun nine knitters can have.

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