Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Tis The Season' - The Busy Season

Despite not knitting for others at this time of year (well any time of year, really) and despite, this year, not having to prepare meals for large groups of people, the season seems to have seriously cut into my knitting time.

This sweater, or rather, my version of that sweater, I am knitting on the machine. Those of you who machine knit know how fast that can be. For those who don't machine knit, think - lightning speed. It takes a bit of time to work up the math to get started (mind you, I do have a computer program to help with that) and it takes a bit of time to work out gauge on the machine. But once all the numbers have been worked out, the actual knitting time is very, very speedy.

None the less, I have only three of five pieces done.
Even knitting on a machine, one can get stranded on 'sleeve island'.
The season is seriously cutting into my knitting time. I'm not sure, I will be wearing this for Christmas festivities. If I didn't enjoy the season so much, I'd be darn discouraged.

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Sandra said...

I have the same machine! LK-150 (I'd recognize that pink and cream colour anywhere). I really should use it more - as you said, lightning fast, even with all the fiddling around with waste yarn and finishing.