Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And, then I bought..

One of my must-have, planned-purchases at this year's Knitters Fair was Cabin Fever's latest book - Need A Hat?
This book has instructions for any size hat, in any size yarn. A wonderful 'I'll-never -need-to-buy- another-hat-pattern' reference tool. I feel certain that tools like this were more commonly available to knitters of previous generations. The times were such that knitters couldn't afford to frequently buy new patterns. Only in our age of affluence do knitters buy a pattern, per project. Of course, I too am often a 'pattern-per-project' purchaser but I do I love these types of reference books. It was the thing I searched for during my first 'walk-about'.

Of course, retail sales drive the economy and I like to do my bit - so I also bought ---all this.
Not as much as most years, but I've heard the economy is already on the rebound. My job could be done here.

This yarn combo
is meant for this sweater. Or, one as much like it as I can design myself so I don't have to purchase the pattern. It is knit with one strand of DK weight held with one strand sock yarn to give a gauge of 18 sts. I love the sunny colours -nice to brighten a winters day.

The sales clerk at the 'yellow-yarn' booth talked me into this.
She swore that -one hank will make two pairs of kids mitts and that no kid had ever complained of itchiness. Sold.

This lovely pattern started calling my name just the night before the show, when I read Glenna's blog.
She released the pattern just in time for the fair and mentioned that it would be available at Tanis' Fibre Arts booth. Another must-have for my list.

A sucker for slipper patterns I bought this.
I love felted slippers but hate the go-to pattern, by Fibre Trends, used by most knitters. Not that there is anything wrong with the pattern, but it is too darn detailed for me. I like everything s-i-m-p-l-e!!

Also a sucker for anything green, I copied Wilma and bought this shawl kit.
A shawl with a straight back is rare and something I like in a shawl. Who wants that more common of shapes with the shawl arrow pointing to the butt?

And a knitter can't have too many gadgets.
Especially these, as like Fred's socks in the wash, they disappear.

Not too much damage to the bank account. And thanks to my generous riders who gave me mega bucks towards gas, I only had to reach for the credit card once.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Nice haul - looks like lots of fun to come!