Monday, May 11, 2009

Surprise Test

Hopefully these words don't horrify you as much as they might have done in high school, but today is test day. To get an objective opinion, I'm throwing the test out there for any readers to take.

May 11 is test day at our house. It is the anniversary of the first day the Realtor showed us this house. That was 2006 and up to that point, it had been a warm spring; the leaves on the trees were well formed. Fred stood at the patio doors in the dining area, looking through the leaves and asked the Realtor "What is that building back there?"

Each year on May 11, we stand at the patio doors and take the test. We ask ourselves if we can distinguish 'the building'. If not, we know that spring is just as far advanced as it was in /06. But if we can identify the building, we know we are in the middle of a slow spring. Well, perhaps I should say - the slow spring is confirmed, as most likely we already 'know' how cold and wet the weather has been.

But, since we now well know what building is out back, we wonder if our test is confused by our knowledge. (Visions of high school again) We need some objective opinions.

So - Can you tell what that building is? Not our shed or the neighbours shed and camper, but the big building beyond the birch trees. Leave me a comment and let me know.

As to knitting, some wondered about my comment regarding the Easter Topper 2010. I said that the orange and green yarns were stash yarns,
mostly the same gauge as the Super 10 but not all. What I didn't say was that the orange and green are actually many yarns. I changed yarns each row - as in an Easy Peasy Wrap,(scroll down) except the topper is in stockinet stitch, not garter. There are actually about 5 different yarns in each colour block. Some of them are the same gauge as the Super 10 but some are thicker. Using them only occasionally, seems not to have distorted the gauge more than tolerably. The Topper is blocking as I write. I really like it. For sure it passed the test.


Terri said...

is it a church? a firehall? a school?

No, I can't tell what it is.

Bill remarked on our walk this morning that the trees are finally showing a few buds. We are having a very late spring. This is our first spring in our new house and city, so I don't know what 'usual' is, but this is slow compared to what I think it should be. And, it snowed the other day. Just sayin'

Sel and Poivre said...


Vera said...

I only see a bits and pieces through the tree but don't know what it is. It's spring alright!!!

LaurieM said...

Can't see it very well, but I'm thinking church.

Some trees don't mind the cool weather and some do. We have a maple and a locust side by side in our back yard and while the maple is in full leaf, the locust is all twiggy.

Sandra said...

church? (being the heathen that I am, I'm not sure if churches are supposed to look "church-ish" or just large...)
love the colours in the topper!