Friday, February 29, 2008

Would You Buy A Hot Dog From This Man?

5 pm Friday and we are off to the Legion. The branch decided to serve Hot Dogs & Fries on Friday nights to raise a bit of extra money. Tonight is our turn to cook. That's right. Fred is going to cook! With hot oil!!! Would you buy a hot dog from this man?

And he has had such a rough day. He had to be encouraged to leave the house first thing this morning as it was still minus 12. But then Fred is used to being 'encouraged' by me. Ha Ha.

The first few runs down the hill were pretty chilly. We ski slowly enough that there is no wind chill, but still, after an hour, it was time to go in and warm up. Snow conditions were excellent though and surprising, as when it is really cold, the usual condition is icy. Now, as I write this the temperature has warmed up but snow is falling again.

No company this weekend. I can't remember a weekend without visitors for quite some time. But this is just the quiet before the crowd. March Break is only a week away. The house will be full then. Charles is coming with the kids, so time for '3 generation skiing'.

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