Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another brilliantly sunny day. But again very chilly. Minus 15. Minimal wind chill today though.
Fred had to go to Collingwood and took the scenic route past the ski hills. He said the parking lot was quite full but he could only see one skier on the slopes. Everyone else was probably inside, thawing out with hot chocolate! Too cold for us again. Tomorrow is supposed to be minus one!!! I can't imagine how it will change so quickly, but if it does we will be back on the slopes.

In the meantime, after dusting and vacuuming I spent some time in the hot tub.
(still my Mother's child. Get the work done first) And am now getting ready to go to Knit Group in Meaford. Today I am taking them a hat pattern designed by yours truly. I was knitting a hat last week and one of the ladies asked for the pattern. Since it was self-designed and as I say 'pattern-free' I offered to write up the pattern and give it to them this week.

Just last week I purchased a new printer - one of those "5 in 1 " deals. So I can scan, fax etc. And print in colour. This allowed me to make a special deal of the pattern and print it up in booklet form with colour photos. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Of course the proof is in the knitting, so I'll see if it works for them.

Once home from knitting, the sun still shining, I couldn't resist a walk in the cold, brisk air. Am I the only person who enjoys the cold? Brisk chilly air, frosty cheeks, sun shine and the pinched-nostril cold? I love it.

Well, I'm off to watch Survivor. And knit. What's on the needles you ask? A vest. Called the Leftovers Vest. I saw one on the internet - done in stripes with yarn leftover from other projects. And as I always say, "I am not creative. I just copy well." Maybe by the time it is done, I will have mastered putting pics on the blog .

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