Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Cold Cold Wednesday

Minus 16 with a wind chill of minus 26 was too cold for Fred to ski today. I say I would have gone if he would have gone. But I was able to keep toasty warm and not have to prove myself, because Fred was definitely not going.
I spent my day signing up for internet banking. I know, I am probably the last person on earth to not have done this sooner, but I am there now. Now I am just waiting for some bills to come in so I can try it out. Not often that one anxiously waits for bills.
By lunch time my eyes were bleary from so much computer time so I was glad to take a break and head downtown to the coffee shop to get my weekly allotment of organic vegetables. The local organic farmer brings organic veggies - both local and from far away - to the coffee shop every Wednesday. He sends out an email on Monday and if you want veggies, you reply by email.
Then I came home and made cabbage rolls. Not something I really enjoy as they seem to be an all day job. But I do love to eat them. This time made with mostly organic ingredients - cabbage, red pepper, garlic, sauerkraut, and ground beef. Pretty tasty.
And now time to turn on the TV and start a new knitting project.

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