Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3 Rib Cowls

Stash reduction and road trips are a great combo.  While travelling to and from Toronto on the weekend, I started this cowl.


This is a gift for a friend whose favourite colour is yellow.  Mine is being knit with Cabin Fever Cotton Tweed that found its way into my stash sometime over the last few years.  
The pattern is  3 Rib Cowl   by Debbie Seton.  Free on ravelry. A simple 3x3 rib that you knit for 11 inches.

Or, until you run out of yarn, as I did with the one below.  Closer to six inches than eleven it still makes a great neck warmer.   

This one I knit with the remaining variegated   used for Wilma's crocheted kerchief
and held  together with a very fine mohair.
 The mohair, also from stash and also so old that details of its particulars are long forgotten, bulked up the stitches enough to make  a very cozy, cold-weather-defying piece.

These  fast, addictive knits, can be finished in a weekend.  Great gifts and great stash busters.  My intentions exactly.

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Sel and Poivre said...

Fast across the finish line really is gratifying isn't it!