Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Two months in Florida means it has been a long, blog-less stretch.  My apologies to readers who like to tune in each week to find out what's going on with the Meaford knit group.  But fair warning, we loved our first, winter-stay in Florida so much, we are seriously considering returning next winter.  What's not to love?  No ice to slip on.  No snow to shovel.  No blinding snowstorms to drive through.  Hard to beat barefoot on the beach.

Today was my first week back at knit group and I was sure happy to be there. I got caught up on the news about town and caught up on the knitting.

Sharon finished her Winter of 2016 Cardigan.  Red, garter stitch ( well, the sweater is called The Garter Stitch Cardigan but Sharon missed that point and did it in reverse stockinet) and a sassy swing  make it perfect for Sharon's colouring and body type, I think.  It look great.

Bonnie showed me her bright socks.  A pattern from my book Need a Sock? It's nice to know it is still being used.  Thanks, Bonnie.

Wilma has a baby blanket on her lap.  Using up stash she said. 

And what's that around her neck?   A Bandana.  This one crocheted in cotton she purchased at the LYS in Stony Plains Alberta when she was out that way this winter visiting her daughter. Wilma shared the pattern and I think a few of those might be on my stash-busting radar.  Thanks, Wilma.

Deanna has started a lovely shawl. 

The pattern is Autumn Wave and Deanna is using this yarn  (German, we think??) she purchased at the KW Knitters Fair.  Paying far less than the amount shown on the price tag she added.

It is nice to go away but it is wonderful to have  great knitting friends to come home to. And to think we do this every week. 


Sel and Poivre said...

Welcome back! (Except for "barefoot on the beach" the description of your Florida winter sounds just like what we had here in Toronto!)

Liz in the States said...

Hooray! So good to see you back! I'm one of those who checked the blog regularly, hopefully, and especially Thursdays. :)

Glad you enjoyed your winter in Florida. Bare feet, beaches, sparkling ocean...and lots of seafood?

Anonymous said...

Yay! she's back with updates! I can take my place at the knitting group table once again. Your corner of my blog reader/feed has been SO quiet Brenda! t_a in Massachusetts