Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

Normally, knit group is the only activity that occurs on my Thursdays.   But today was a big day in this small town life I live.  The Meaford  library hosted a 'Learn To Make An Autumn Wreath' workshop over the lunch hour. Of course several knitters signed up for that. 
 This is my 'Ten Minute Wreath'.  Mind you,  the online instructor was the only person finished in ten minutes.  The rest of us took an hour.

Later in the afternoon,  it was the first movie of the season for the Meaford Thursday Flicks Club.  Of course several knitters signed up for that.  I left home about 11:30 and returned after the beginning of the 6 o'clock news.  Poor Fred.

In between these two special happenings, we had knitting.

Sandy models another of her gorgeous shawls. 
This one, though, she doesn't like.  'An old lady's shawl' she says.  It is the shape that makes it so in her eyes, she told me - Sandy prefers rectangular or triangular shapes for her shawls.

Sandy has asked Gail to give the shawl to one of knit group's friends. At 88 years of age, the lady no longer comes out to knit group. Laughing, I asked Gail how she was going to present the 'old lady' shawl to the old lady.  Gail, ever gracious, said she will simply say" Sandy knit this shawl and asked me to give it to you."

Sharon R finished one of the three Noro hats from the kits she purchased  at the Knitters Fair.
She said the seller had calculated the amount of Noro almost to the stitch.  She had about 12 inches left over.

Along with the hat, Sharon managed to finish this little baby sweater and togue.  Sharon is our knitter that aspires to learn something new with each project.  I asked her what she learned while knitting this Cabin Fever baby pattern.  " I learned how easy top-down, no-sew knitting is" she said. No argument from me, Sharon.

Isn't this  a pretty sight?  A row of knitters concentrating on their  knitting and some of them wearing their knitting. 


Sorry about the delay in posting this Thursday post.  Blogger gave me grief.  Instead of posting, it ate my work. 


Anonymous said...

I think the stitch patterns on the Old Lady Shawl are very pretty, and I at 66 would wear it proudly! I love to see knitters wearing their projects! Thanks for blogging.

Sel and Poivre said...

My goodness what a busy place Meaford is! Retirement looks exhausting! said...

There is no doubt - a row of knitters is a pretty sight! I'd like to purchase one of your products!