Wednesday, September 23, 2015


A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a new design by Elizabeth McCarten on ravelry.  Glenora.  Elizabeth referred to it as a 'relative of' and  'an unstructured version of ' one of her previous patterns,  Petrova.

 It has been a long time since I have fallen so completely in love with a pattern.  I love the loose look, the easy-wear look, the warm-yet-not-heavy look  of Glenora.  And in the rust-coloured Chunky-weight, wool/acrylic blend that has been in my stash for years, it would make the perfect fall piece. I fell so completely in love that I cast aside all my preciously-planned, next-in-line projects and as soon as the Serendipity Vest was finished, cast on for Glenora.

What a fun knit!  Chunky-weight yarn  and 6.5mm needles saw me finishing the first sleeve  in one day.  Two days for both of them.
 Wow.  No sleeve island slump for me. 

The body comes next, and starts at the  bottom, which is  11 inches wider than the bust.  Despite all those stitches, after a Sunday start, I had almost 11 inches done as of  Tuesday evening. 
Wow.  While I won't be finished in a week I suspect it won't be much longer.

Thanks, Elizabeth for a great pattern.  Oh - did I mention that it's free?


Anonymous said...

(Big Smiles) I am so glad you are not keeping to your word about less frequent posting..particularly re: knitting, Brenda. Your project is so beautifully 'autum centered'. I LOVE the cables.
Keep posting, gal!
t_a in Massachusetts

Lurdes Silva said...

Olá, vai fcar um trabalho lindo, beijos doces

Needles said...

I love this pattern and the progenitor of it. Two more for consideration. said...

sleeves are perfect! Hope, the sweater will be of the same cute quality!