Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What One Wears At The Trunk Show

What is a trunk show?  In knitters' parlance, at least, a designer packs his/her trunk with newly -knitted garments, drives to meet up with a group of knitters, opens the trunk and shows off the knitting. 

Or in the case of Purl 3's trunk show with Deb Gemmell, the garments were brought into the store.

And despite the late summer heat, all the knitters took turns  wearing  the newly-knit, Circular Yoke, wool! sweaters.  Worn  at least long enough to check themselves out in the mirror.

Worn atop a sun dress!  What a fashion plate am I!

Carol below, much more fashion conscious than I, does not look impressed.

Next time you are invited to a trunk show, don't worry about your hair.  Don't worry about your clothes.  They dress you when you get there.


Anonymous said...

Happy,familiar faces having a great time!!! t_a

Needles said...

I have the book and am really pleased. It is, I think, going to be the basis of my next sweater.