Sunday, July 20, 2014

From The North

Our first week at the trailer saw weather ranging from a rainy 12  to a hot and sunny 31. Right now we are escaping the heat to sit in son Charlie ' s house - in his family's absence I might add as they are down in the big smoke for a wedding. Thanks to some clever family member who suggested Grandma and Grandpa use matching key code for our Thornbury door lock -as they use here in Hearst,all the better to remember it by- we are right now comfy here in the air conditioning, doing our laundry and watching a Blue Jays game.

Each year when we arrive at our trailer by the lake, there is enough  that is unchanged to make us feel at home again. But always there is something new and fun to see.

This year it is this.
Yes, a teepee. In the tenting area, the park owner has built this for campers.
Completely furnished too.

Tomorrow the 'wrap' goes on. Passing through Hearst on the Trans-Canada this summer? Why not stay in a teepee?


ES said...

I couldn't get this to work earlier, I hope it's working now!! The teepee looks ace!

Ruth gagnon said...

Looks very nice,it was hot here yesterday but today cool, going to knitting today we will miss you.