Monday, July 15, 2013

Blogging From Hearst

 The lazy hazy days of summer at the trailer have not, so far, left me much knitting time. Swimming, boating, grandkids and some catch-up reading have all eaten away at my knitting time.

Leaving home with only one small sleeve left to knit on Ring Master  I thought I might even finish it during the drive up.  But that didn’t happen.  Six days later, finally, it is complete.  Without buttons so perhaps you might say – almost complete.

Pattern:  Ring Master From Baby ‘V’ by Cabin Fever
Size:  0 – 3 mos
Yarn: Cotton Tweed  by Cabin Fever with scarps of stash yarn for the Fair Isle section.
Needles:  4mm

Close up of the Fir Isle section:
What I Learned:  How to do the Rice Stitch.  With my initial glance at   the pattern picture,  I thought this little sweater was knit in  Seed Stitch.  But in fact, it is  Rice Stitch – a simple, two-row repeat pattern.  When  worked flat, it is  K1tbl, P1 on row one, then Knit across row 2.

This little garment  is for my niece  who is making me a Great Aunt in October.  It has been fun, preparing a  little,  hand-knit wardrobe   for this new baby. Two sweaters, booties, blanket.  What will be next?  Hope the baby likes hand knits. 


Jan said...

So sweet. Another pattern to add to my 'to-do' list.

Sandra said...

gorgeous! And of course the baby will like hand knits. All babies do...