Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Baby Blanket

Grand kids keep a person busy.  They arrived on June 22 - their French Northern Ontario school quits a week earlier in June, and goes back a week earlier at the end of the summer. 

Since then, we have taken in a Blue Jays  game, a trip to the Bass Pro store,  studied for and taken two boat license exams, a girls' shopping day for Abi and I, watched the Canada Day parade from a branch in a tree along main street, visited the Elmvale Zoo and had Chinese food for dinner at the Crystal Buffet.  Not to mention numerous swims in the neighbours pool.  Needless to say there hasn't been much knitting.

But I did manage to complete & control the baby blanket.  Marie's suggestion to crochet a chain over my much-too- holey holes worked wonders.  The trim went on easily and  the blanket is now gift  worthy.

Yarn:  Bernat Softee
Knit on the machine at tension dial 4.
What I learned:  I need to practise machine short rowing .

My only complaint now is that the blanket seems to stretch on the diagonal.  This means some fussing is required when laying it out to make it lie smoothly.  But since baby will destroy smooth in seconds, it is not an important  issue.  

The colour choices are great - excuse my modesty - bright and cheerful for a baby.  All in all a great baby blanket which I would remake in a minute should any more relatives present me with a baby. 


Gisella said...

Oh I like that! I was also going to say that the colours are great in a baby blanket: great mix and combination.
And I love the edging! That's beautiful. I came across it in a pattern book but I had to see your photo to appreciate that it makes a great edging! Thanks so much for posting.

Jan said...

It looks awesome!