Friday, February 24, 2012

My Purple Problem

This little black and purple skirt has created the perfect, purple, fashion  storm.
 The skirt was on a sale rack,  right inside the door of a high-end designer store.  (Not my normal shopping venue. I was tagging along  with my sister.) Normally those racks contain sizes that are not mine, styles that are not mine, or even on sale, prices that are not mine.  But this skirt I loved.   It fit and I could afford it.  Bingo.  It was mine.  Ever since, I have searched for the perfect purple to accompany the skirt.  Finally, with a new shipment of Lamb's Pride Worsted at the store,
 there it was. 

In the mean time, I had purchased the Stiletto Vest pattern.
 With it's mimicking, bottom  triangles I thought it would be a perfect accompaniment to the  skirt.  But the more I think about it, the skirt doesn't seem to me to be a vest kind of skirt. I changed my mind and decided to knit a scarf  - one I planned to decorate with black beads - and purchased  only enough yarn to do that. 

Now though,  my mind has changed again.  I am now thinking a smallish cardi - open fronted to show off a black top - and one with  three-quarter sleeves might be the best partner for this little skirt. 

My vision is muddled.  I have a  purple problem.  But I'm leaning towards the cardi.  Votes anyone?


Sigrun said...

Once my WIP's are done, I plan on not only yarn stash diving, but also fabric stash diving. I will try to create outfits instead of individual pieces. I think I will do different knitting than if I just consider the yarn alone.
Great skirt--I know I have denim in the fabric stash, do I have something purple???

Lynda F said...

I vote for the cardi. Would look great with the skirt and could also be worn with other outfits.

Sel and Poivre said...

Smallish Cardi all the way! (Although I do think the detail on the vest was a brilliant combination...what about a single one of those little elements at the back of your cardi? It would be creative!

Sandra said...

cardi vote here! And I love S+P's idea to take a motif from the vest and use it on the cardi - brilliant!

Stephanie said...

I haven't yet knit a garment to match a store-bought garment, although I'm thinking about a bit lately. My vote also goes toward the cardigan, as you'll get much more use out of it!

Anonymous said...

Love the triangles at the front of the vest as well as the way it gathers a bit on each side of the front - dressy elements. I'd suggest adding sleeves to that very vest pattern to turn it into a cardi.


Zieknits said...

::sigh:: Late again...

I'm with S&P and Gina: incorporate that delicious triangle detail into a cardi somehow.