Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mere Inches

I cannot be a creative knitter  and a social, chatting knitter  at the same time.  At knit group,  I do not knit on my creative top-down sweater.  On the weekend, with visitors, I did not knit on my CTP sweater.  So it is mere inches for where it was last week.
 But those inches have put me very close to the 'great divide' where sleeves and sweater separate.  Just an inch or so to go. 

Not only is the pace turtle-like, but there are  problems.  There is a dropped stitch.  That's my ifnger you see showing through to the right side.
Noticed about twenty rows too late.  Too late to hook up into place without the repair glaring with the resulting tightness.  Instead, I will have to loop a piece of matching yarn through the un-attached stitch and weave those ends into the back of the sweater. Fixable, without too much trouble.  Not like the second problem -  the turning neckline. 


The neckline was created with a cast on, followed by one row of knit, then three rows of K1 P1 ribbing.  And it turns.  It doesn't so much roll as simply turns flat.  That repair I will do once the sweater is finished.  If I cannot block it into submission, I will have to cut into the first row of stockinet and rip back to re-do the trim.  Perhaps on a smaller needle?  Or maybe knit more ribbing? Not the look I want  so I am hoping the blocking will make the neckline behave.

My creative, centre front and back panels please me. 
Changed up every four rows, some sections are stockinet, some reverse stockinet and some in the contrast yarn  for a eye-catching pop of colour.  I like it so far and with the major creative thinking done,  the inches should fly by.  Soon.

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Sandra said...

I'll have the results of my creative sweater soon! I love the little pops of colour.