Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

How much red yarn can one group use? How much mad-rush knitting can one group do?  If you know for sure when  the needles absolutely must stop clicking  before the 'big day' then you will have the answers.  In the mean time, these knitters will keep on knitting.

Nell just happened to have   yarn in her stash the exact same colour as her new coat.    Who could resist knitting a hat to match when the yarn is already in the stash?    Ruth said a friend knit her hat.  But don't they make a cute pair  in their hand-knit hats?

What is that in front of Sharon? 

The cutest ever baby slippers.
Cuffs,  knitted onto purchased soles.  Re-defining cute!

Having finished those, Sharon is knitting a pair of 'Newfie' mitts.
With lovely, variegated yarn for inside the honeycomb, they are soft and warm.

Bonnie is knitting socks.
Thick, warm socks knit with heavy yarn on 44 stitches. A sock a days she says.  How many pairs is that before your needles take a Christmas break, Bonnie?  They are so close in colour to Sharon's mittens as to be a 'set'.  Maybe one of you will share.  Christmas spirit and all.

Wilma had the good news, bad news of the day.  The red shawl, one of the two   silk shawls  she planned to knit for her daughters for Christmas is finished. 
And too small.  Using a larger needle she has started shawl number two  - the blue shawl
and plans to re-knit the red one.    That  probably means that you will be working the same shift as Santa, Wilma.

By the industrious group around our table today and with 17 days of knitting time still available, it  would seem there will be some very lucky recipients of hand-knit gifts this Christmas.  

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Needles said...

Plenty of time for sweaters for me too! I love the slippers. Makes me wonder about making some for me!