Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thanks toElizaeth Zimmermann and Dana Gibbons

I was also going to include Pierre Elliott Trudeu, father of Canadian Bilingualism in my title, because last week, the librarian told me I had innocently selected the only French computer of the six here at the library.  I was praising Pierre for his bilingual initiatives - I mean why else would there be five English keyboards at the library in a French community,  until I sat down to type.  I have not been able to find an English keyboard yet. So Pierre - your praise will have to wait until I can find a keyboard with apostrophes and question marks.  In the mentime, excuse the punctuation and spelling errors once agian.

But Dana and Elizabeth - Thanks.  Abi spotted, liked and asked for Danas tunic pattern from Teens and Tweens. I happened to have two balls of Cotton Tweed in my stash  - the pattern calls for three - but with some coordinating variegated, it would work.  This pattern is wonderful.  Extrememly well written.  never once did I go HUH!  Well done, Dana.

 I have met Dana a couple of times and worked with her for the day this spring at the Knitters Frolic.  But this is the first time I have knit one of her patterns.  I will seek out more of them.  The tunic has a great feather and fan pattern on the lower half.  A simple, easily memorized pattern that would work wonderfully for an adult skirt.  In the tunic pattern it reaches the bodice then is separated from the plain stockinet of the bodice by a couple of eyelet rows.  This eyelet also trims the neck and armholes. 

Thanking EZ might give you pause - although since most of you are knitters, probably not.  But in this case, although Dana said the tunic would take three balls of yarn, I got so far along with just one ball, that I convinced Abi that we didnt need to switch to the variegted.   I was certain I would have enough of teh plain orange.  Of course I ran out. 

That is when  I chanelled Elizabeth to determine what she might do.  Rather than rip back to the beginning of the bodice and knit it entirely in variegated,  I simply began the variegated at the arnholes.  I did try to edge both the neck and armholes in the plain orange  to tie in with the lower portion.  And got close.  A rip and re-knit later, here it is blocking.  Abi has yet to see it or try it on.  So fingers crossed.

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Deb said...

A perfect save. You and Elizabeth did a terrific job. It's gorgeous in that colour. I'll pass on your compliments to Dana. She'll be thrilled.