Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knitting Friends In Every Port

You  might remember, a few years back, I met Ruby.  Ruby of the Napa Wool and Tool store here in Hearst.  We have maintained a knitting friendship since then and every year when in Hearst, we get together to knit, eat, chat and just catch up. 

Here is Ruby in my gazebo at the lake. What was supposed to be a quiet enjoyable afternoon of knitting turned out to be a noisy, distracted time.  New tenants chose our knitting aftrenoon to move into the lot beside us. All afternoon, as we tried to knit and chat,  several old men, reliving their glory days came and went on ATVs loaded with stuff.  How much stuff can one camping family have.

In the end, we laughed  - and that is just water she has there - and decided it just meant we had to schedule a second afternoon.  Ruby showed off her bag from the 2009 knitting crusie. 

I wa invited to go on that cruise and declined.  How silly was that!  If I had known about the bag Ruby - well.  


Sel and Poivre said...

'Back in the city for a few hours and able to sneak a couple of minutes to check in fun to catch up with you5r continuing knitting adventures...that tunic is fabulous!

LynS said...

'My gazebo by the lake'... how fortunate you are. Just the phrase brings images of long, lazy summer afternoons - knitting, perhaps. It's also wonderful that our knitting can bring us so many contacts and friends we wouldn't otherwise have.

Yarn and Ivories said...

A knitting gazebo! Brilliant!!
Looks lovely, even with water! lol

freshisle said...

What a lovely spot! Too bad about the noise.

Sharon said...

Ruby looks great..and i do loove the porch..perfect for knitting..enjoy your last few weeks