Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursdays Are For Knit Group

 Today, it was hard to say whether there were more, bright, spring colours and sunny outlooks inside the room  or outside where the sun has finally decided to shine here in Grey county.  Since the knitters were inside, I was glad I was too.

As promised, when Nan had her first non-photographed visit to knit group, today I took her picture.  Who wouldn't want to photograph her knitting?    Look at the beautiful Koigu sock-yarn shawl.
Mitred squares and a lovely crocheted picot edging.
I supposed you noticed that there is no Nan face.  Shy she is, so my first 'photo op' shows just her back and neck. 

Joanne, has been gifted a lovely,   summer sweater. 
      Ingrid's not sleeping, just trying to avoid being in the picture.

Knit by her daughter who was the intended wearer until she decided she didn't like the end result, Joanne is the lucky recipient.  How wonderful to have a mother-daughter knitting duo to share knitting projects.  The sweater is a perfect summer wardrobe item, Joanne.

Doreen's summer project is this little number.
"It's see-thru" I told her.
"As will be all my summer knits this year," said Doreen.  Hmmm. I wonder what her great grand kids will think.

Sharon is pleased with her Featherweight
As she should be.  A perfect fit.  A perfect, summer weight.  A perfect,  'de jour' style.  What's not to like?  She used two balls of Americo Cotton flamme.  An expensive yarn that goes so far it makes an inexpensive summer cardigan.  

Wilma tries it on,
while Joanne studies the pattern.  Will there be two more Featherweights soon?

Sandy B's friend is expecting a grand daughter which means Sandy  finally has a  home for  her pink, baby outfit.  
Knit flat, with sock yarn, it is beyond  cute. 
Fronts and backs are edged in seed stitch, side seams are sewn up just far enough  for little baby arms and one button a few inches from the top allows the straight corners to flop stylishly.    Baby and Mom will love it, Sandy.

My knitting went backwards at knit group today. With the wrong stitch count in my Baby Surprise Jacket, I did more ripping out than knitting in of stitches.  Soon.    Meanwhile, there was lots of bright, sunny colours and knits to enjoy.

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