Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

You can't beat the 'festive season' for food. Knit group started today at noon, with lunch at a local eatery. Following quiche, coffee and chocolate, we headed off to the library for knitting.

Sharon not only finished her own felted hat, but last weekend, knit one for her MIL as well. It was knit after hubby admired Sharon's hat and knew just the perfect gift for Mom in Florida. Guess what society Mom belongs to?
That's gorgeous, Sharon. With such inspiration, I've now put your felted hat in my queue!

Look at Sharon modelling her hat. A hat person for sure!

Koigu-wearing Ingrid models one of Gail's scarves. Number three for Gail, if my math is right.
Another knit in my queue. Inspiration at this level, could wear my fingers to the bone.

Bonnie finished one pair of socks and is onto pair number two. Santa's elves have competition here.

Gail, too is knitting socks.
I love these colours. In fact that same yarn has taken up residence in my yarn room.

What are these you might ask. Doreen has knit two sets of them. Called purse or
pocketbook slippers, you sew them together at each end, then button the pointed tops. Small enough to carry in your purse, you never need to have cold feet again. How snow-belt is that?

On to Survivor. Survivor was a wash for me last night. I was asked to narrate the Christmas Cantata at Church and last night was rehearsal night. I arrived home just as the Survivor credits were rolling. Time shifting meant I could watch it at 11. Huh! I saw the muddy challenge, and a bit of the reward before the eyes closed. Good thing Fred could fill me in this morning. The one thing I hoped not to see was the two drop outs, Kelly and Naonka, on the jury. But apparently, the Survivor powers that be allowed them on the jury. Too bad.


Joansie said...

Love the red hat. I have one (not knitted) and it was hard to find. Had I seen this pattern, I definitely would have knitted this one.

Yarn and Ivories said...

Pocketbook slippers: I was presented with a pair in Norway 2 years ago. When sewn together, I was asked to identify what they were. They look odd when not modeled and are perfect for anywhere around the house. Mine have no buttons but a longish tail to tie. Ribbing keeps them tied with a simple cross. Excellent!