Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And My Survivor Review

Despite the rain and dreariness of the day, there was lots of laughter in the upstairs room at the Meaford Library this afternoon. What else would one expect - the knitters were there.

Doreen showed us her 'wrap', complaining about how long it's taking. She's anxious to be on to her next project.

It looks as if you have a bit to go yet, Doreen.

Sharon's cousin from Western Canada is going to be the recipient of this lovely Fleece Artist shawl. Lucky woman!

Sharon has fallen in love with the colour and now thinks she might have to knit one for herself too. Does garter stitch bore you Nancy?

Joanne, inspired by Ingrid, has started a mitred-square garment. She didn't say what exactly she intends to knit. Leave your options open, Joanne. It takes a lot of mitred squares to go from this
to this.

Gail is closing in on the end of another pair of socks. These she started as her mindless road-trip knitting when she and her hubby took a recent trip to New York to visit Ground Zero.

And Wilma, wearing her very nice Sit Com Chic Cardi is happily knitting another little top-down sweater for a neighbour's soon-to-arrive baby. It seems to be making you very happy, Wilma!

And my Survivor review. Survivor Nicaragua? Seems a more appropriate name might be Survivor Bonkers. Shannon, Holly, Naonka - Time for your meds!


Joansie said...

Some great knitting in those photos!

Laurie said...

More gorgeous projects - I especially like the mitered squares. :-)