Tuesday, November 24, 2009

No Necks Shall Be Cold

Last week, at work, Karen asked me if we could come up with an idea for a pre-Christmas workshop that would help knitters with their Christmas knitting/gift-giving. Something current, trendy and that a knitter could accomplish in a couple of hours of knitting.

After mulling over ideas about scarves, mitts, hats - all the standard - we came up with Cowls. Cowls For Christmas. Call them neck warmers, or as I read on the 'net', Guy's Gaiters', or call them what they really are - short scarves. This year they seem to be hot, hot, hot. And as I've discovered this week, fun and fast to knit.

Look at what I've done in my spare time this week.
Most of these took 'a movie' to knit. Some took even less time. That thrilled me. Usually when the headline speaks about 'Last Minute Knitting' it's not minutes that I've ever experienced.

This one, in this colour, is for a guy.
Two toggles will finish it off and keep it in place around the neck. In a different colour, it could easily be a fussy and feminine cowl.

This too,is for a guy. An over-the-head, stockinet cowl. Done-before- dinner type of knitting.
This little one is my own creation.
A ruffle and to come, three large buttons across the end. Done in a lovely shade of lilac in yarn that has a bit of sparkle. None of which, unfortunately, was captured by my camera.

The green one is another ribbed cowl. Depending on colour, it could be either masculine or feminine. Many of these cowls have rows of increases (the increase I used here, is easily seen) near the bottom. This means they sit more comfortably around the bottom of the neck.

And last off the needles, this pretty, light-as-a-feather and fan cowl.
These were all such fun to make. Fast and so currently in vogue that I think I might have to make sure no neck in my family shall be cold this winter.

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