Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Soon - To A Trailer Far Away

It's a start.

I have started to gather yarn and patterns (Notice all the EZ books) for this summer's trailer knitting.

We don't leave until mid-July, so it might seem as if I'm rushing things a bit. But this weekend, the three grand kids arrive and will stay with us until we head up to the trailer.

is also coming for a few of those days. Four kids in the house will leave very little time for pattern pondering. Best to get it done now.

This stay - 11 days - is the longest the kids have ever been away from home. To fend off home-sickness, Fred and I have planned many activities. Ontario Place, the ROM, the beach, mini-golf, picnics, hiking and hopefully,for grandma, an occasional nap movie.

Don't even count on seeing much knitting from me while the kids are here. Most days, I can hardly wait until they go to bed, so I can do the same.

Again this year my trailer-knitting plan is smaller pieces. Hats, mitts and slippers. Maybe a sweater for each of the grand kids, but nothing that takes concentration. Swimming, boating and bar b queing are too distracting for complicated patterns. Regardless of what I pack, though, I will be missing something. That's Murphy's special law for travelling knitters. Thank goodness, I discovered
Ruby and her Napa Auto Parts And Yarn Store.

Between Ruby and Elizabeth Zimmermann, I should be OK.

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freshisle said...

I spy something with my little eyes. Something in that bag that looks very familiar. I wonder what it will become?