Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursdays Are For Knit Group And Survivor

Wow! Marie at Sel&Poivre says it's something in the water. Or maybe all the yarn runs down hill to Meaford. Whatever the reason, productivity was high this week.

As we met today, Megan laid out this.
Can you guess? EZ fans will recognize it as one half of a Rib Warmer. Megan purchased the wool last week, when Southampton came to visit.
Today she got busy and mattress stitched the pieces together.
And before we left, she modelled it!!
Looks great, Megan.

Bonnie is smiling as she works on her sweater.
And no wonder. Look what she finished this week.

Wilma, also is in a 'baby' mood. Isn't this cute?
And Sharon too. That's a hip colour for a baby, Sharon.

Poetic Pat brought no stuffed toys today. Instead she had several strips of granny squares she is putting together for an afghan for her grandson.
Here she appears to not be having any fun.

Then I think someone whispered - think of 'Sue from Southampton'. Look at the reaction.

Our creative wonder, Ingrid. What is that she's making?
Even she doesn't know what it might end up being. But look at the yarn. Isn't that wonderful?

Marlene is almost finished another cro-hooked afghan

and Doreen learned to do the mattress stitch. "Look at that."

Remember Nicki's 'amorphous blob' from a couple of weeks ago?
Blob no more.
A wonderful piece. The pattern was a free one from elann.

And now off to settle in for Survivor. Who goes tonight? Will the cross tribe alliance work? I was not surprised at last week's pick. She was a bit annoying. But then, so is Coach.

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Sandra said...

Coach needs to go - he's a bit annoying. But then again, 90% of them are annoying. And I love it! I watch every week.