Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo Finish

It was a photo finish but the black alpaca hat is done. Not before Peter arrived, but at least before he left for home on Sunday.

Here he is with a goofy pose on his way to the hot tub. Robe and all.

And another goofy pose - with a close up of the hat.
The specs are
Yarn: timiQuipa Baby Alpaca in black. The caramel stripe is a bit of Alpaca from the stash.
Pattern: Pismo Hat by Marnie MacLean.
Mods: Only one. After the hat was finished, I decided to snip one stitch and unravel down to the cast on. Four years later Hours later, I knit one row of purl for a turning row and one inch of 1x1 ribbing (just like the hat) for the hem. I finished it off by slip stitching the live stitches to the inside of the hat. A little warmer around the ears, I think.

And for your viewing enjoyment, the hint of spring in our house. My still-lovely bouquet of flowers.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done! I've used that solution before, too.
Love the tulips. I'm sooooo ready for spring.

Sel and Poivre said...

Hat's done - now you can get on to your sweater project!