Monday, February 2, 2009

Duty Called.

Duty called - I started the black alpaca hat. Perhaps it could have been delayed if Peter wasn't scheduled to come up for some skiing next weekend. Deadlines do have a way of making me snap to attention.

But it is after all,just a hat. And once I realized these old eyes of mine could no longer knit fine black alpaca after sun-down, the hat became a kitchen hat. 'Kitchen knitting' stays in clear site on the counter, where I can knit a round or two between baking or cooking. The knitting seems to knit itself!! And now, ready for the crown decreases, the hat looks like
- a plain black hat. Perfect for the 'young dude' look.

Of course, working on the hat didn't stop the Vienna sweater dreaming. The decision has been made. Reversed actually. I have gone back to my first choice - Shalom. Once I saw this modified version and this one referenced on ravelry, it was no-brainer.

This weekend's ski crowd kept me from starting sooner, but last night, while the rest of the world watched the Super Bowl, at the Harris house, there was Super Knitting. Much more fun.


Anonymous said...

what a hat!!!!!!!!! Its like seeing an old friend again. I miss you old Alpaca hat!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Wow - a comment left by a male! Now that is something you don't see very often on knit blogs!!! Re Shalom, that knit appeals to me so much because it looks so cozy around the shoulders - kind of like wearing a shawl without the fuss of having to keep it from slipping off. Nice pick!