Friday, December 12, 2008

Socks Underway

Fred's socks are off to a good start. Can you see the fuzz of the mohair? The sock feels cushiony wonderful. Warm enough for his frozen toe, I'm sure.
You might think they look a little short. Sockettes so to speak. And you would be right. Wanting the sock to be as high in the leg as my yarn would allow, but not wanting to knit the socks toe-up, (I like the look of the standard heel flap and heel of a top down sock) I started the sock just above the heel flap.

I cast on with waste yarn and knit a couple of rounds. Then I knit one round with my secret ingredient for a provisional cast on - dental floss. (See my previous tutorial here) It pulls out easily, leaving live stitches to be picked up. One row of sock knitting and then on to the heel flap.

Once the foot is finished, I will pull out the dental floss, pick up the live stitches and knit the leg up - until I run out of yarn. Can I finish them this weekend? Bets are on.

1 comment:

Sel and Poivre said...

Your solution for getting the heel of a top down and the yarn mileage of a toe up is utterly brilliant - never mind the dental floss bit! Many thanks for sharing!