Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Fun Has Begun

Knit-wise, today is a much better day. The tête carré topper went for it's first walk.

It fits great.

It looks great with the coat.
And doesn't look too bad on me.

I have a head/face shape that looks awful in most hats. Cone-head, I think is the term. Any head-hugging hat looks terrible on me. A tam does much to hide those defects.

And in other good news, the matching neckwarmer scarf
is about 30 inches long with almost a full ball to go.

Since the tam has a few rounds of seed stitch in an otherwise stockinet format, I am knitting similar seed stitch stripes into the scarf. Lays flat and looks good so far.

The pessimist would say "This luck can't last." The optimist would say "I thing we've turned a corner." This knitter says "Some days, it's all about process. Happy Knitting."

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Sel and Poivre said...

I've read that the human brain can't remember pain for more than a brief time. I always think of that when I go from "yuk" to "yay" with my knitting. I love the tweedy yarn and the shape does suit you very well!