Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11

Ten years ago today, we came to view this house and later that same day put in an offer to buy it.  2006 was a beautiful spring; it started early, leaves were out and temperatures warm as we house searched.  

When Fred stood at the patio doors and looked out over the back yard, he could just manage to see a structure  out back.  Worried that it might be a busy commercial enterprise, he turned and asked the realtor  "What's that building back there?"
"The United Church, replied the realtor."  So camoflaged by the leaves on the trees that it was barely visible. 

May 11th,  ever since, has become spring test day.  Are the leaves out? Can we see the Church? How far along is the spring? 

Well, not very far, this year,  as you can see. 

2016 is the year of a slow-starting spring.  The direct opposite of ten years ago.  Perhaps this will be a  year of no spring. Perhaps a year when we go from a weak winter directly into summer. With fingers crossed, I hope for a strong   summer. 

While I would rather have warmth, leaves, flowers and sunshine, at least I know if I cannot garden, I can knit.

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