Thursday, August 12, 2010


Almost two years ago, I purchased some gorgeous Alpaca at the KW Knitters Fair.
It was the year of the 50th anniversary of EZ's newsletter publication, Wool Gathering. To mark that special occasion, Meg, EZ's daughter, released a never-before published pattern of Elizabeth's for a yoke sweater.
Not normally a fan of 'yoke' sweaters, there was something appealing about this one and when I spotted the Alpaca, I knew that I had my yarn. A friend cautioned me to knit the cardigan style so I oculd easily take it off if I became too hot. Alpaca is reputed to be very warm. 7% warmer than wool, so I'm told.
Two years later, my Alpaca 50th 52nd Anniversary cardigan is started.

This is sleeve #1. Done. Actually, it is almost the third sleeve. The first two half-sleeves(alias gauge swatches) were a toss. The ball band had no gauge stated. It did have a little picture of needles saying 2.5 - 3.5. They couldn't possibly mean that small was my thought, and I cast on with a 4mm.

4mm was definitely too large. The Alpaca,without the memory that makes wool my favourite fibre, was sloppy and showed every stretched stitch. OK. I ripped that and tried a 3.75.

I know, the label said maximum 3 1/2 - but they couldn't possibly mean that. Could they? Turns out they did. The 3.75 was still too sloppy so down to the 3.5 I went.

It looks lovely. The tension is perfect and the yarn is very, very soft, light-weight and with lovely drape. Sleeve number two is well on it's way and I hope to have the body started so I can mindlessly knit on the 12 hour drive home.


Laurie said...

I can see why you like it - that yoke pattern is fascinating. Looking forward to seeing it completed!

freshisle said...

Lovely alpaca!
Any side trips on the way home? Don't you hear the island beckoning?

Anne Campbell said...

Beautiful pattern. I love the color gradations in the yoke. I think that yarn is going to make a beautiful cardigan for you.

Needles said...

It is going to be stunning. I just recently passed over that pattern for the Aspen yoke sweater, which I have long coveted after seeing the copy of Meg Swansens 'KNITTING' from the library.