Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shopping At Napa

When I shot the photos recently, at the NAPA store, I had no intentions of buying yarn. Really.

Remember my B.C. haul? It is only partially - actually minimally - knit. Remember the load of stash-stuff I brought to Hearst? Only a week into the vacation and I knew it was a gross over-estimation.

Truthfully, my intentions were NOT to buy yarn. But you know how it is. Things catch a knitters eye.

Three yarns and a pattern.

Patons Classic Wool is the large ball at the back. The front, right yarn is Trendsetters Yarn, Joy. The one on the left is Trendsetters Yarn, Metal. I see a green Easy Peasy Wrap happening.

The pattern, Fibre Trend's High Top Felted Slippers, is to share with my friend Nicki. Last winter she and I both made felted clogs and both wished for a pattern with a closed heel. Here it is Nicki. Mind you, it is in children's sizes, so a bit of finagling will have to be one.

Three yarns and a pattern. A mini haul. Nothing any knitter wouldn't do, right?

And the best part? With bags like these, husbands need never know about the yarn!

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Anonymous said...

Alright Brenda! Looks good!